Beats Antique is no stranger to Bozeman. They were the headliners for the first ever HUSHUSH Electronic Music Festival and they are again returning for the 2013 HUSHUSH at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds Grand Stands on October 5th!

One of the best aspects of Beats Antique is their masterful merging of live instruments, and seductive bass heavy technology. The trio of musicians are fresh off the release of their latest EP, Contraption Vol. 2.

The band also plans to deliver visually as well as audibly. Beats Antique is known for their elaborate costumes, belly dancers and brand new 3D laser show synced to the beats.

Basically, we can't wait to see Beats Antique up on the HUSHUSH stage!

2013 HUSHUSH Electronic Music Festival: Featuring Beats Antique, Gladkill, VibeSquad, Sugarpill, Chachi and more, Saturday October 5th at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds Grand Stands. Tickets available online

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