Although, this past weekend is the weekend for our one and only Sweet Pea I pack up my things and headed down to Buffalo, Wy. In Buffalo August 4, 5, and 6th is their Fair and Rodeo weekend and I have been going since I can remember. My grandparents live in Buffalo and my grandpa runs in their Klondike Rush every year. This year marked the 33rd Klondike Rush grandpa's 32nd. He is 77 and has ran in all but one. Once I ran my first race I knew we had started a tradition that I wasn't planing on breaking anytime soon. 

Usually my grandpa runs the 10k which is a little over 6 miles but last year he suffered a hip injury that has placed him running in the 5k. This is no problem for me since I am running with him and usually the Fair and Rodeo party begins Friday night and 6:30a.m. rolls around pretty quick Saturday morning:)

Buffalo is a small town but a good amount of people show up for this race including those from surrounding areas. They break male and females up and categorized by age for the top three medals. My grandpa runs in the 65 and over usually never walking away empty handed and this year no different. Grandpa and I came in with a time of 35 minutes and 23 seconds. Grandpa taking first in his bracket and beating out the rest by a good 8 minutes.  I have to say not too shabby!





This race is no Boston Marathon by any means but I feel lucky and spoiled that I get to participate in something so special to the town and the weekend festival.  I love you Grandpa and can not wait to do it again next year.

And oh yeah by the way it must be your side of the family I get my endurance from, don't tell my mother:)