Some would say that it's a slap in the face or disrespectful to not give Madonna props or want to be compared to her, but I think Avril's got it right here.

Avril Lavigne is happily in Paris promoting her new album, Goodbye Lullaby, but yesterday she called into the Kyle And Jackie O Show, where she said she hates being compared to other celebrities ... even ones as iconic as Madonna!

When asked about a recent magazine article that says that Avril Lavigne is the next Madonna, Avril responded:

"I definitely don't like being compared to other people. Madonna is Madonna and I'm totally different to her."

But Avril meant no disrespect to the queen of pop. "I think what she has done is really great," Avril said. "She has worked really hard and had a wonderful career and balanced that out really well with having a family."

And it looks as if Avril has finally found some "balance" as well. The self-proclaimed introvert has never smiled so much as she has since she started dating Brody Jenner!

Despite going through a divorce last year, she found love with Brody, who accompanied Avril on her promotional tour to Europe.

Brody and Avril only started dating last Spring, but things heated up pretty quickly. Despite the fact that she wasn't technically divorced from Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley until last November, the stars were spotted sporting matching tattoos of each other's name in July.

via X17 Online - Avril Lavigne - Photos & Pics | Avril Lavigne: "I Don't Like Being Compared To Madonna".