Up until yesterday, gamers could only dream of living  in a video game. Products like the Kinect, Nintendo Wii, and the Playstation Move attempt to create an immersive experience to make the player feel they aren't just playing a game but rather part of the game. The British TV show The Gadget Show may have beat Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo at their own 'game'.

With this simulator, players actually walk, duck, aim, turn, jump and so on. All of this happens within a circular room with a 360 degree projector showing exactly where the player is looking within the game space. Walking is controlled by an omnidirectional treadmill and get this, when you're game character takes damage, you are hit with an area specific paint ball shot! Is this too good to be true? Watch the video below and decide for yourself. The creators of the simulator, The Gadget Show, will showcase the simulator on TV in the UK on October 24th, one day before the US release date of Battlefield 3.