Who wants to party? You want to party. What better way to party than to spend an evening ripping it up at the Emerson Cultural Center with two virtuosos of musical might? Aesop Rock, lord of all that is unexpected and unique will be hitting the stage with Kimya Dawson (queen of all quirkiness) this August 27th. Aesop, known for his enigmatic flows and crazy underground riot-rap production just released and album with Rob Sonic under the grouping of Hail Mary Mallon. The album is inspired by the life of Mary Mallon or "Typhoid Mary" and presents a dizzying spectrum of rapid pulsing beats out of the average rap scene and laced with verbal switchblades dripping from these amazing lyricists' tongues like so much acid. Check that little piece out here at Rhymesayers entertainment.

Compound Productions is also flinging Mrs. Dawson into the mix for an alternative collaboration the likes of which Bozeman has never seen. Quavering and strange vocals accompany Kimya's sound of beautiful guitar and childlike lyrics that are surprisingly adult despite their initial notes. Known from her work as a solo artist and as half of the Moldy Peaches, this is one songstress that is not to be ignored. Tickets are available at Cactus records, so be sure to get ahold of yours soon, like the dinosaurs and Amy Winehouse, they will not last.

See you there, peace.