The first Wonder Woman TV show was before my time, so I really will have no frame of referance about whether the new Wonder Woman staring Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Women in Trouble)  is better than the original.  Read more to see video that is said to have been shot during rehearsals and not the actual shooting of the show, but either way the only disappointing part of the video is that that gold Lasso Of Truth doesn't come out.

The suit fits!

Wonder Woman has a sexy new look with Adrianne Palicki as the star of NBC's upcoming reboot of the classic '70s series.

In a photo posted on Entertainment Weekly's Web site, the actress rocks the super hero's skin-tight costume, which has been updated with shiny blue pants and boots. Still there, though, are her bullet-proof bracelets, famous headband a golden lasso. Also, you can't see it but she's standing in front of her invisible jet.

Looks like she'll have no problem stopping bad guys in their tracks!

The cast also includes Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes, with David E. Kelley of Boston Legal fame producing. – Alla Byrne

Here is a video of some of the behind the scenes action.  Looks like it was taken by one of the extras -