Youtube is an endless limit of videos. When you start you're never really sure where you're going to end up. I thought it would be interesting to follow my journey and see what happens. I start with the video for "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. Here is what happened.

Hearing this song today, I realized I had never seen the video. That's where it begins.

On the right of the screen was the video for Sammy Adams "LA Story", a summery jam. I've never seen a picture of Sammy Adams to I look to see if the dude fits his voice. Was pleasantly surprised this video has a hoverboard in it.

The add below the Sammy Adams video is to T.I's track "Problems" featuring Trae Tha Truth and B.O.B.

The song isn't bad, but it's on Vevo and not Youtube. My computer doesn't like Vevo so I back out to Youtube and try again. How do I not pick a BBC interview with Jay Z?

Love the interview with Jay, but how are there no other Jay Z videos on the right of the screen? Oh but there is a 47 second DIY automatic patio sliding door! And it has over 700,000 views!!

That blew my mind. And what do I see? A video with Anna Kendrick singing "Cups" on David Letterman. Another round of Youtube rapped up.