Just like pretty much everything else these days, music festivals are self serve.  Back in the 90's they would come to your town and entertain you! Massive traveling carnivals of music like Lallapalooza, Warped Tour (still traveling), Lillith Fair and more came to a town near you.  Now. Not so much.  Understandably though as the gas prices simply make something requiring so many vehicles, impossible to make profitable without charging a ton of money. Of course leading to angry concert goers who most likely just wouldn't go. BUT, with dropping the tour part of festivals comes more diversity of festivals and also better layouts and relationships between promoter and community.  If the community can win with a ton of out-of-towners coming and spending money then all the better! And if the community can help with the logistics and legal red tape that promoters have to jump through, then the result is something that is beneficial to both of them and a way better experience for the concert goer.  Except of course, if you don't live close by a festival, the cost of traveling.  On the brighter side, getting out of town is always a good idea and always fun.

Lillith Fair

Lallapolooza 90s- starts at :45 in.

Lallapolooa 2012