Everyone is looking to make some extra cash. Whether you have a trip planned, you're trying to pay off debt, or you just want extra coin to go out this weekend there are ways to make a quick buck. My fiance and I have been trying to pay off all of our debt and we found some ways that are relatively easy to get some extra money or stuff for free (minus your time).

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    Sell Metal to AF&T Auto Parts and Salvage

    Seems like a weird thing maybe, but junk is sometimes worth money. I had a huge truck box that didn't work and didn't open, as well as an engine part that I found in my apartment's garage when we moved in. The plan was to take them to the dump until AF&T Auto Parts and Salvage started advertising on KISS. I loaded the stuff up and headed out to Belgrade to see what the story was. Sure enough, they helped me unload my stuff and gave me a $20 bill and I was on my way. So instead of paying to dump it, I'm up 20 bucks.

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    Seems like a no-brainer but for real, have you looked around your house for stuff you could sell? I got rid of speakers and a headboard that I had been moving from place to place for years now, and make about $40 each in the process. We still have some coats and other furniture that we may get rid of.

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    Bio Science Labs

    Sell your body to medicine? Not really. Bio Science labs just moved over on S. 19th and they will pay you to wash your hands, seriously. I just did it today, took me about an hour and I'll pick up my $50 in a week. Just check out the website and go in to fill out a short questionnaire to see what you qualify for.

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    Secret Shopper

    Secret shopping can be a good way to get a meal for free. I've done this a few times and it's great! The Brandt Group is super professional and very reliable! It takes a bit of time to fill out the surveys but the amount you're getting in free meals is way worth it!

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    Throw a Party

    I've never done this personally, but I've had roomates who have. Get a keg or two, get cups, invite everyone, charge for a cup. If you do it right you'll sell more cups than you paid for the keg and shabam! Money. Although the clean up, repairs, or legal fees that may stem from such an endeavor could turn it into a loss. But hey, no risk no reward!