If you have lived in Bozeman for any amount of time, I'm sure you have met more than a few film school students. I'm sure you also felt a bit of jealousy when they explained they are studying to work on movies, sit-coms, documentaries, news stations and other forms of visual media. Curious what they have accomplished thus far? A few of the recent graduates are making waves in the 2013 Magic City Shorts Film Festival!

The film creators are battling it out for the Geno Foster Best of Show Award that includes a $750 cash prize and is chosen by a panel of judges. There is also a $250 prize for the People's Choice voted on by you. You can vote for your favorite once per day until the deadline.Below are the two films by Bozeman film students. Show them some love!

The 2013 Magic City Shorts Film Festival is Saturday September 28th at the Babcock Theatre and will feature the top films.