In typical Bobcat Fest snowed.  It was a bit chilly and as the vendor tents went up,the BBQs lit up, and DJ Missy O'Malley warmed up her turntables and got the music started. 

The cold and snow didn't dampen the spirit of  MSU students though.  They braved the cold with  MSU Alumni, ASMSU, Frat/Sorority life and a bunch of other MSU organizations.  They all teamed up with Downtown Bozeman to hold a celebration for the passing of another spring semester.   Free T-Shirts for MSU students, free Alumni pint glasses for the Seniors and free brats from Redneck Sausages and the Pourhouse crew cooking up hot dogs and burgers for all.

The 2nd Tarantino's Pizza Eating Contest went down, just before Cure for the Common took the stage,  with the competition this year pretty fierce.  Last year's champ was once again the victor, putting down an entire 18 inch Tarantino's cheese pizza in less than 10 minutes.  I didn't fair so well and only got through about 3/4 of the pie.  Here are some pics of the 2012 Bobcat Fest on Main:

And here are a couple of daring Bozeman girls doing the Ellen Dance Dare!