A 14-year-old radio “host” – and please, we use that term loosely -- engaged in an on-air rant to say that homosexuality is not natural and that it’s a choice. The West Virginian-based Caiden Cowger is not quite an orator, but he does attempt a fire-and-brimstone style when saying, “It’s not mandatory. The person is not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga says. It is a decision. It’s getting worse where I’m at.”

TMZ unearthed the footage, where Cowger is seated in an office-type setting, with his initials as a logo touting the phrase “The Truth for the Youth” behind him, says people are “turning into homosexuals” and calls it “sickening.” He says he had seen 30 people in his county “turn” gay and that he was friends with many as a child, when they weren’t gay. Hmm, maybe they just weren’t out of the closet out of fear of being bullied or cast out by people like him? Some food for thought.

Besides, who would want to be friends with someone so closed-minded? Cowger says, “They were not homosexuals” and says that they pretty much woke up one day and thought, “I think I am going to be gay.”

He is so bigoted that it’s comical. Especially when he blames President Obama for making people gay.

While West Virginia is often a state stigmatized by its stereotypes, sadly, resident Caiden Cowger does nothing to erase those pre-conceptions. He also sounds like he a bit of a speech problem. But don’t make fun of him. He was born that way.

It is really sad that views like this are still present today and spread over airwaves. All the more reason to come out and support Montana Pride next week!

Listen to Caiden Cowger Say Homosexuality is a Choice